"There are several reasons why I found my time in Peru so enjoyable.

First, the opportunity to see first hand the archaeological evidence of one of the 6 greatest civilizations of the world. I have wanted to visit Peru since I was 14 (I am now 71) and it lived up to and exceeded all my expectations. The fact that the earliest cities were built without defensive walls should be an example to the world of how to live in peace with your neighbours.

Second, the geography and geology of Peru was different from anything I have seen before. I was trained as a geologist and have visited all provinces and territories in Canada. To see both live and dormant volcanoes, evidence of large scale glaciation, the spectacular Colca canyon, and enormous desert areas all in one trip was an exciting experience.

Third, to see the continuity of building design from forms that existed a thousand or more years ago still represented in present day structures. The large (3 m.) square reed mats used for fences and walls were projected into concrete and brick wall units (also 3 m.).

Fourth, the wonderful variety of food available in the markets and restaurants, demonstrating the very long history of agriculture and irrigation. The variety of corn and potatoes was astounding, and the chicha was good, too.

Fifth, the friendly and helpful people of Peru, who were obviously, and justifiably, proud of their heritage, even taking the time to help an old gringo with little Spanish to find the post office in Cuzco and a restaurant in Arequipa.

Sixth, the privilege of hiking the Inca trail in the company of the descendants of the people who built the trail was an unforgettable experience. I saw their faces reflected on the pottery, carved in the stone and painted on the walls. The continuity of culture is something that we in North America are sadly missing.

Peru is a beautiful country with a unique and unparalleled history!"


28 February 2018



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